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8294/8394 Beauty Facial bed

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About DP-8294 beauty facial bed
If you’re considering opening a massage therapy clinic or offering this service at your existing clinic, the massage therapy bed you select is incredibly important, not just for you but for your patients.
Every potential patient has unique needs. Some may need (or want) chiropractic services, while others may need rehab and physiotherapy, or seek pain relief with massage therapy. DP-8294, a comprehensive massage table, with ability to offer treatment in either lying or sitting makes it adaptable to many types of patients, and the adjustable head, back and footrest ensure optimal patient and practitioner comfort during treatments.
DP-8294 is our top best selling electric massage table of 2018, also enjoys the good price versus performance ratio in worldwide market.

About DP-8394 beauty facial bed
DP-8394 electric massage table, a versatile bed, which allow lying,sitting and adjusting position without rotate the patient. The Easy-Lock Face Piece features full-range positive and negative positioning and locks at any angle. The sturdy base and frame provide superior stability. High density foam makes the table extremely comfortable for your massage.


1.Using Ce-certified motor.

2.Acrylic cover for easy cleaning and reduced bacterial growth.

3.The above products are suitable for beauty, facial, spa, micro plastic surgery, hair transplant.

4.The motor defaults to a handheld controller and optional foot control.

5.Warranty for 18 months, maintenance service can still be provided after the expiration, only the basic fee is charged.

6.If you have any suggestions for the product, please let us know and we will create a product with you.


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