What Should a Massage Therapist Table Have?

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There are many massage tables out there. Most are sadly flat and offer zero comfort to neither patients nor bodywork therapists. Despite this, many massage therapists still use flat massage tables. Low prices make it easy for just about anyone to pick a massage table without causing a dent in [...]

The Best Massage Table for Your All-Purpose Needs

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If a minimalist design combined with premium features is what you are looking for, you came to the right place. The Master Massage Maxking Electric Lift Salon Spa Massage Table is a recommended addition to your spa collection. This device is not only excellent for medispas and day spas but [...]

How to get rid of back pain by the massage or other method ?

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Back pain is so common that even chiropractors and acupuncture practitioners occasionally have their backs in trouble. If you’re looking to get rid of back pain, you can with a combination of products ranging from a massager to other products. Magnesium supplement. Magnesium is the most natural muscle relaxant there [...]

The history about Dongpin manufacturer

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Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technology company who provides beauty furniture and physiotherapy furniture from design to sell. As a professional company on beauty and physiotherapy furniture,“Natural, Healthy and Excellent”is the spirit and ideals from R&D to management operation. Our company found in 2002, covers an [...]

How to Manage Pain with Massage Therapy

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Regardless of your age, gender, and medical condition, everyone has experienced physical pain at some point in their life. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, over 25% suffer from chronic pain – more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined. The Problem With Modern Pain Treatment Unfortunately, modern-day [...]

What the good massage chair can bring to you?

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Massage stools are used to support massage therapists and allow ease of access to the patient. However, that does not mean that all massage stools are alike. Each is made differently, and not all give total support to the therapist. So, it is not enough to invest in just about [...]

Some Suggestions to Yourself For Your First Massage

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If you’ve never had a massage, the idea of a stranger touching you and seeing that extra bit of belly fat, the oddly-shaped birthmark, or those knobby knees you’ve always been self-conscious of can prove to be anxiety-inducing. Rest assured, a masseuse couldn’t care less about that extra ten pounds [...]

Whether the electric massage table is good for you?

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Strong, sturdy and adjustable, electric massage tables can be fantastic assets for therapists, practitioners and specialists. They allow users to fluidly transition between positions for their clients – often by just pressing a button! – and give off an air of unmistakable professionalism. For many people considering buying one, however, [...]

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